Bladder pressure?

Do you feel bladder pressure and are you daily ”burdened“ with an unhandy urine bag?
MiroValve® makes your daily activities easier.

MiroValve® – the revolution among catheter valves

The newest development of the MiroValve® is a revolutionary invention offering a maximum life quality for every patient. Physicians who care for their patients prescribe the MiroValve® catheter valve.


MiroValve® catheter valve offers an easy and facile handling.
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The technology of the MiroValve® automatic stop is revolutionary.
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Kein Stopfen notwendig
Catheter lids are outdated. MiroValve® makes them superfluos.
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The attaching between the catheter and the bag is suprisingly easy.
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Universell passend
MiroValve® can be used with all usual catheters and urine bags.
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